Healing A Blood Infection with Herbs: Instructions

For a narrative about this story, as well as photos, click here. This article only contains instructions for repeating what we did to heal a blood infection. I have no medical or herbal certifications whatsoever. This article should be considered anecdotal evidence for the support of herbal healing methods and is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.

no antibioticsRecently my partner had what he thought to be a spider bite that turned into a serious health problem (we believe it was a Staph infection resulting from a cut or bite of some kind). The site of the wound swelled to larger than a golf ball, his arm swelled almost double in size and his veins turned dark and slowly crept up his arm. You can read the whole story here.

In order to avoid antibiotics, we had to do a rigorous regimen of herbs. We would not have known what to do without the help of my friend, Eva, who is an herbalist. She also works a store that sells bulk herbs, so she was helpful in procuring all the ingredients we needed. Everything that we used was purchased at Sevenanda in Little Five Points, Atlanta.

We attacked the issue at two places, the blood and the wound. For the blood, we made tea and internally took herbs in power and liquid form.

garlicTEA: One gallon a day

The tea we used was a mixture of loose tea called “blood purity tea” from Sevenanda. To that we mixed dried dandelion (both look like dried herbs). Eva had us put in about 30 grams of dry herbs (mixture of 25% dandelion and 75% blood purity mix) for each gallon. To make a gallon, we brought five heads of fresh organic garlic to a boil along with a handful of chopped fresh organic ginger. Then, we lowered the temperature to slightly less than boiling and threw in a cup of organic apple cider vinegar. Directly after, we put in the dried herbs. We let it steep, then chilled the tea. He drank a gallon a day. Between cups, he ate about 4 cloves of the garlic that had cooked and softened with the tea. He said the garlic was easier to swallow whole with the tea than with cold water.


Activated Charcoal

INTERNALLY: Do this shit religiously

First, he took Anti-V formula which has Echinamide in it. Then I encapsulated activated charcoal and goldenseal root powder for him. We bought the loose powder (about two tablespoons of goldenseal and ½ a cup of activated charcoal. He also took a colloidal silver tincture that contains echinacea and oregano, every 2-3 hours. Also because we were killing so much bacteria in his system, he has been sure to have lots of probiotics. For the first few days, when he had an empty stomach, he took an enzyme blend, which acts like an antibiotic on an empty stomach. With food, it helps you tolerate lactose. He also took some dropper-fulls of oregano oil on and off (always making sure to take probiotics to replace the good bacteria that the oregano oil kills along with the bad bacteria). It is also important to note that oregano oil not only kills good bacteria, but that it is also a emenagogue and increases blood flow to the uterus. Pregnant or nursing women are also discouraged from using oregano oil both topically and orally, as it can encourage blood circulation within the uterus, which deteriorates the lining that encompasses the fetus within the womb. Oregano oil also has a potential to induce menstruation, and may be dangerous to your unborn child.

WOUND: Be gentle, trust your instincts

Manuka-Honey-21-1200x1200For the wound, we used mostly bentonite clay and Manuka (medical grade) honey. We mixed about two tablespoons of bentonite clay with 1/8 tsp of activated charcoal and 1/8th tsp of goldenseal. To wet the clay, we put in a dash of the colloidal silver tincture and the Anti-V tincture along with apple cider vinegar and water. We mixed that together until we found a consistency that worked for us, then put the clay on the wound after putting a layer of the honey directly on the open wound. It is crucial to understand that you can only use Manuka honey because it is medical grade, pasteurized and comes from a specific region of New Zealand where bees make honey from tea trees. Using food grade honey on an open wound is dangerous because it could contain botulism. We kept the honey and clay on for four hours at a time. During that time, it was covered with gauze and a towel, held on by rubber bands. After four hours we washed it off, squeezed the puss out and then let his arm breathe for an hour. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

DIET: Be disciplined, don’t fuck it up

As far as diet goes, we did not consume any sugar and made a huge effort to eliminate all carbs and chemicals. We drank tons of wheat grass shots, did daily juicing and just ate healthy in general. He will maintain this diet for a few more weeks to make sure he gets his immune system back up to speed.

HERBALIST: Trust her/him and tell them about your issues as soon as you notice them. Listening to your body and treating things early is key to not ending up in the E.R. Don’t be a dumbass, please. 

Once we started taking the infection seriously and doing what our friend said (following her directions to a T), it took 12 hours to see improvement and 48 hours for me to feel completely confident about him not seeing a doctor. We are grateful beyond words to Eva and all the humans out there who are knowledgeable in herbalism. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

For the rest of the story about our experience using this method, click here.

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